Current Programme of Escorted Photographic Safaris & Tours                                                                     

We offer a selection of photographic safaris and tours each year to many destinations around the world. All of these are carefully selected to provide excellent wildlife viewing and are scheduled at the best time of year to maximise photographic opportunities.

Tours are arranged to countries which offer the best wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. In many cases there are also excellent opportunities to photograph the landscapes, people and cultural sites. The itineraries for each tour are designed to spend sufficient time at each location to have the opportunity to maximise the enjoyment of each area and avoid too much rushing around. On some trips we spend all our time at a single location which many people prefer.

Many of our tours are to Africa as we believe this continent offers some of the most exciting and varied photographic opportunities for the wildlife lover and keen photographer. Peter Smart first visited Africa over 20 years ago and, even after nearly 100 safaris. he still gets filled with the same excitement each time he returns. Peter has led nearly 50 safaris to Kenya's Masai Mara alone and, although it is a relatively small area of Africa compared with the vastness of the continent, it is no exaggeration to say that each time he leads a group he will see something new. Each country we visit in Africa offers something different, ranging from the wildlife-filled plains of Kenya and Tanzania to the stunning deserts of Namibia. Each year we look forward to sharing these wonderful places with many groups of like-minded enthusiasts.

There are also a number of destinations we have visited previously to which we plan to return and we continue to investigate new locations for our tours.We hope you enjoy reading about these wonderful destinations and if you require any further information then please don't hesitate to Get in Touch.