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Learn How to Photograph Big Cats

We support the Cat Survival Trust in Hertfordshire by offering Big Cat Photography training courses throughout the year.

We have enjoyed the company of over one thousand students and seen some wonderful images. Although we don't get a great deal of opportunity to use our cameras when teaching, co-tutor Belinda found time to capture some lovely images of a few of the cats which are featured here.

These courses are held at the Cat Survival Trust, a private wildlife sanctuary and rescue centre, under the guidance of professional wildlife photographer Peter Smart and his experienced team of tutors. We provide a wonderful opportunity to get close and photograph over 40 cats including Snow Leopard, Jaguar, Puma and Amur Leopard, as well as contributing to the work of the Cat Survival Trust in the UK and their conservation projects overseas.

Our weekend photography workshops are an ideal introduction to wildlife photography while our weekday masterclasses, limited to just six students, offer a perfect opportunity to develop your skills. The emphasis is on taking photographs under the guidance of our team of experienced tutors but we always start with a short briefing, supported by comprehensive handouts, to ensure you get the best from all the opportunities available.

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