Photographic Tuition for all Levels of Experience                                                                             

Overseas Tours and Wildlife Photography Workshops

All of our tours and wildlife photography provide tuition, ranging from the technical aspects of your equipment, composition to gaining a better understanding of the wildlife and field-craft. Each event specifies the level that ideally you should have achieved before booking to ensure you are able to make the best of the opportunities. However we are always flexible so please Contact Us if you have any questions or particular concerns.

The method of teaching will vary depending on the type of event and location but will generally include a mix of classroom tuition, informal seminars and one-to-one guidance in the field.

Customised One-to-One & Small Group Tuition

We offer customised and practical tuition on wildlife photography to individuals, couples and small groups at a number locations around the UK to suit the participants in terms of subjects to be photographed, technical matters to be discussed and techniques to be explained. The sessions are informal but much of the time will be spent outside. They are run in such a way as to be enjoyable and informative, and tailored to your current knowledge and experience.

Each session may be a half or full day and an itinerary will be agreed beforehand to allow the specific requirements of the participants to be covered and met. if you would like to receive a quotation to cover the cost of tuition, travel expenses and any venue admission costs then please Get in Touch and provide as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Your Name, Address, Email Address and Telephone number
  2. The venue or an area of the country where you would like the session to take place
  3. The type of subject (Big Cats, Birds, etc) you would like photograph
  4. The technical and photographic techniques you would like to cover
  5. Your current level of experience and photographic equipment
  6. The number of people who would like to participate
  7. Whether you require a full (7 hours) or half day (3.5 hours) session
  8. Any other information that you feel my be relevant
We will reply to you as soon as possible giving the total price for all participants and indicating what is included and indicating any extras (e.g. refreshments) that are not included.

Explore Your Digital Camera

Going Digital provides a structured series of Explore Your Digital Camera courses at many locations around the UK which offer a perfect introduction to photography.  These provide the basic skills for you to then to develop your interests with Going Digital, whether that is in wildlife, landscapes, portraits, weddings or one of many other areas. Begin your photographic journey and learn skills that will last a lifetime.

This workshops are ideal for:

  • All DSLR's including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus & Pentax & all other brands
  • Digital compact cameras
  • all compact system cameras (compact cameras with interchangeable lenses) including the Panasonic Lumix G, Sony NEX, Olympus PEN
  • all compact, bridge cameras & superzoom cameras with an Aperture (A or AV) setting on the mode dial (see right) including Canon, Panasonic, Fuji, Nikon & Olympus

On your workshop you'll be part of a small, friendly group (with a maximum of 10 students per tutor) and you'll take home handouts and assignments to refine your skills - practice makes perfect!

  • Learn to take control of your camera for predictable results every time
  • Find the fastest way to access your camera's features
  • Learn how to take control of what's in focus in your images, from sharp portraits and close-ups with blurred backgrounds to detailed landscape shots, by choosing the appropriate Aperture
  • Put it all into practice by taking some close-up, portrait & landscape shots
  • Review and discuss your images as a group

Check out Going Digital's  Explore Your Digital Camera - there's bound to be a course at a picturesque venue near you!