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Ian M.

This is the first chance I have had to contact you since I arrived home from our fantastic trip to the Masa Marai. Many thanks for your recent e-mail messages since we returned from our trip to Kenya. It is still sinking in that I have now actually been to Africa! Thanks again for all the help and guidance you provided before and during the trip. In particular I am very grateful for the alerts you gave us about photographic opportunities just before they happened such as when the Serval was about to jump and framing the baby giraffe by the long neck of the adult. Obviously seeing opportunities such as these only comes with experience and I much appreciate you sharing your sightings with us. Thanks Again and All the Best for now

Steve and Penny

Hi Peter, Thank you for a great day yesterday, I not only learnt much more about my camera and took a few good shots, both Penny and myself enjoyed the whole experience thanks to you, Terry and the wonderful cats. We told my daughter about the Lynx and she was very envious. I will be looking at other courses. Thank you again. Best wishes

John and Lesley

Hi Peter, We had an absolutely amazing time in the Galapagos Islands and many, many thanks for all you did to make it so enjoyable. We loved the place, the photography and the company, so altogether an unforgettable trip. We have looked through most of our images now and are really pleased. We have got some really good ones like Sealions with fish and pulling Iguana's tail, all sorts of birds in flight, just hatched Nazca Booby - wonderful - and some really good tortoises, etc, etc. Excellent, and many we can use for competitions. Thank you once again for everything

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