Brazil: Land of the Jaguar

A 13 day tour exploring the varied wildlife of the Northern Pantanal area of Brazil which is is a unique, huge and largely unexplored wetland with a great variety of wildlife to see and photograph including Giant River Otter, Caiman, Tapir, many colourful bird species including Hyacinth Macaw and, of course, the enigmatic Jaguar.

Pantanal, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site since 2001, is the biggest freshwater wetland in the world. 80% of Pantanal is situated in the west part of Brazil and the rest is divided between Bolivia and Paraguay. On this tour you will be able to experience the best of South American wildlife including great opportunities to see and photograph the magnificent Jaguar! On a recent tour we enjoyed six excellent sightings of this beautiful Big Cat all of which could be easily photographed. As well as a mother and cub we saw males moving along the bank very near our boat, and others swimming and eating. There are many other animals such as Giant River Otter, Tapir, Caiman, Ocelot, monkeys, hundreds of beautiful birds including Hyacinth Macaw, in this beautiful wilderness.

Amongst the huge variety of bird species that we hope to see and photograph will be the beautiful and rare Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan, Greater Rhea, Black Skimmer, many raptors including Black-collared Hawk, Snail Kite, Laughing Falcon, Great Black Hawk, and several different species of kingfishers, herons, storks and hummingbirds. The number of birds is astounding and it is not unusual to be under flocks of thousands of birds such as parrots, storks and many other species.

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