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A Visit to RAF Lakenheath

On 1st August we visited RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk for the first time hoping to see visiting USAF F16s from 510th Fighter Squadron (Buzzards) from Aviano air base in Italy as well as the resident F15s from the 48th Fighter Wing. We also took the opportunity to visit nearby RSPB Lakenheath nature reserve which is the subject of a separate post.

There was plenty of activity throughout the day and, as well as enjoying photographing a variety of aircraft, I did gain one other valuable lesson … on an already hot day, don’t stand too close to a Boeing C17 Globemaster with 4 immensely powerful turbofans when it is taxiing for take off unless you don’t mind getting considerably warmer and losing your hat!

Here are some of the images taken and more may be viewed at Peter Smart Aviation Photography

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